Sign our petition to help us protect our kids

Please help us demand the cleanup of America’s worst nuclear meltdown - the Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL). We’re a group of pediatric cancer parents living near the site. We joined together to demand the SSFL’s cleanup so that no other parent has to hear the words, “your child has cancer.” Especially if the cancer could have been prevented.

We thought it would be simple to ask for the 100% cleanup of radioactive waste (like plutonium-239, uranium-137, strontium-90) and toxic chemicals (like TCE, perchlorates and benzene) at the SSFL. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

The California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), the state agency in charge of the site’s cleanup has abandoned us. Boeing, NASA and the federal Department of Energy, who are tri-responsible for the cleanup of the site, have rescinded their promises for the 100% cleanup being completed by 2017. Now they intend to leave 98% of the waste on site permanently…and then turn it into a public park.

They know that the nuclear and chemical contamination is causing autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, and cancer in our pets, adults, and children. They’ve read the EPA and EPI reports that show a 60% higher cancer incidence rate for those who live within 2 miles of the site. They know we have a 20% higher invasive breast cancer rate, compared to the rest of California. They just don’t care.

They care about profit, not people.

But these are children, our children, and we know how horrific childhood cancer is. We will never stop demanding the cleanup of the site until our children are safe, even if we have to tear the mountain down with our bare hands.

Without the support of people like you, we’ll never be safe from the daily threat of contamination exposure. Please sign and share our petition to demand the safe, smart and 100% cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Lab.