We need the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to enforce the 100% cleanup of the Santa Susana Field Lab.

There are a few agencies and people who can put the pressure on the DTSC and the polluters; Boeing, NASA and the Department of Energy, to enforce the complete cleanup of all nuclear and carcinogenic waste from the Santa Susana Field Lab.

  • California Senator Dianne Feinstein

  • Secretary Jared Blumenfeld, head of California’s EPA

  • Meredith Williams, Ph.D., acting director of the DTSC

  • Secretary Rick Perry, head of the federal Department of Energy

  • Governor Gavin Newsom, current governor of California

If left unchallenged, Boeing, NASA and the Department of Energy plan to leave vast amounts of plutonium-239, strontium-90, cesium-137, perchlorates, TCE, PCBs, volatile organic compounds, dioxins, and heavy metals near our homes...permanently. They’re even talking of turning the site into a park, while leaving 98% of the contamination on site, and inviting children to hike over their dangerously contaminated land.

All because they don’t want to spend money, even though they know our children and families are paying the price for their greed.

That’s why we’re asking for parents far and wide to sign and share our petition and to help us protect our children from radioactive and carcinogenic waste at the Santa Susana Field Lab.