Department of Toxic Substances control

The California of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is the agency overseeing the Santa Susana Field Lab’s cleanup.

Our relationship with them, well…it’s complicated.

the historical 2010 aoc Cleanup

Back in 2009 the DTSC worked with CalEPA’s Linda Adams (appointed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) to ensure the complete cleanup of the site.

Secretary Adams considered the site so dangerous that they sued in order to bring the site under California’s cleanup jurisdiction, the DTSC, instead of federal EPA as she believed California’s environmental standards to be more strict than the federal.

In addition to the legislature SB990, she also worked to create two cleanup agreements with the polluters, the 2007 Consent Order for Corrective Action (COCA) and in 2010 the Administrative Orders on Consent (AOC).

Read the 2014 Los Angeles Times article featuring Linda Adam’s work on the cleanup. “Santa Susana toxic cleanup effort is a mess.”

dtsc aboutface

After Linda Adam’s departure from CalEPA the DTSC took a decisive aboutface. Working closely with Boeing lobbyist, they constructed Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) that outrageously violated the agreements signed in the COCA and AOC.

Boeing, NASA and the Department of Energy (DOE) each wrote their own EIR. The strangest part of it is that the polluters were never supposed to write their own, only the DTSC. But they did so they could subtlety chip away at the cleanups and confuse the public.

These EIRs also violated every intention of the COCA and AOC. As they stand today, August 28, 2019, the cleanup instructions they detailed in their reports will leave 98% of the contamination on site. Permanently.