boeing and the ssfl (IN PROGRESS)

The Early Years

Boeing was not the original owner of the Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL). In fact, if you talk to locals, they’ll refer to it as “Rocketdyne” who conducted many of the radioactive tests before Boeing purchased the field.

The North American Aviation (predecessor of Rocketdyne) needed to find a remote site for performing dangerous scientific work that was far from prying eyes and safely away from populated areas [1]. When the company was looking for a location for the Field Lab, they evaluated six potential locations around Southern California. The company looked at safety factors such as weather challenges, possible water contamination and the distance to residential communities. Santa Susana ranked fifth out of the six potential sites because its weather patterns increased the risk of contaminated air and water flowing off-site and into the community. Despite these concerns, the company selected the Santa Susana location for the Field Lab because of its proximity to local research universities.

washing campagin


We were fortunate enough to snag a copy of Boeing’s greenwashing campaign from an overzealous graphic designer- to Boeing’s shagrin. It shows how Boeing has intentionally mislead the company in order to save money by avoiding their cleanup agreements.

Read the complete greenwashing PR campaign.